Putnam, CT

Lisa Andrews, owner of Artique, came to us to fulfill her dream of entrepeneurship
with her idea of a paint bar located in downtown Putnam, CT. A paint bar is a place
where people come to learn how to do a painting in one evening while relaxing
and drinking wine. This is a burgeoning business that has popped up all over the

What makes Lisa's business unique is her style, approach, and personality. Her
elegant space is relaxing and classy. Her disney-like customer service keeps
her customers happy and wanting more.


When Lisa came to us with her vision, we sat down with her to get a sense of
who she was as a person. We wanted to get her essence and bring out
her vision. The name that she chose initialy for her business did not fit
the classy tone that she wanted. We started with the name and came up
with Artique. We used image boards to get a sense of the "color" and
"look" for her branding and also her space. Once she started to see the
vision clearly, we approached her Brand with all the elements that appealed
to that "classy & relaxed" atmosphere. The type choices and colors created
the foundation of our approach. We went through interations of sketches
to develope a unique logo that was playful but classical.

With the brand developed we began to work on her website design using
the system of elements that was the foundation of her brand. But we also
needed to create a functional website that actually is her assistant. Her
website schedules her painting events, allows for payments, and is a
visual gallery of the paintings that will happen for each paint event. We
built this functionality within a calendar system that makes it really easy
for her customers to use and seamlessly works with Lisa's busy schedule.
Lisa has a customized tone on her mobile phone that let's her know that
a new customer has scheduled a paint event and she receives information
as to which evening and how many customers will be attending her event.
This has saved Lisa time and money.

Along the way we have also created advertising campaigns, print material
signage, and giveaways that all reflect her brand and vision. She began in January
of 2013 and was able to quit her day job before the end of that year. Her
business is one of the most successful businesses in Putnam.


I came to Studio Foronda with a business plan and an vision of of what I wanted
my new business in Putnam to look like. Comfortable, Classy, Fun, Playful and
Creative. After researching other similar business's myself I knew clearly what I
did not want. I wasn't sure where to begin and I did not even have a name yet
that clearly defined that reflected my vision.

Studio Foronda helped me clarify my vision and came up with the name, Artique.
I loved it! With the name set and the look and feel defined my vision started to take
shape. From the logo design, website and my print materials every piece was
absolutely perfect. My dreams of entrepreneurship were finally becoming a reality!

Working with Studio Foronda was always professional. Every meeting went smoothly
as the website was developed. They "got" my vision and ran with it. I never had to
re-explain what I wanted (that is priceless to a business owner).

After almost two years in business, Artique is doing very well. Studio Foronda still keeps
in touch checking in on how the website is working and for any marketing needs. I highly
recommend Studio Foronda for any and all of your design and website needs.

– Lisa Andrews, owner, Artique

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