Alé Olive Oil Bottle Product Labels
Avena Integrative Medical Center Signage
PS Consulting Brand Identity & Promo
Zinnia Branding Design
Sic Figs Logo Brand Mark
Artique Brand Identity
Rachel Lemoine, Jewelry: Logo Brand and Watermark
Avena Wellness Logo Brand
Northeast Cultural Alliance Logo Identity Campaign
Medical Management Inc. Logo Brand
Commit IT Services Logo Brand
Putnam Arts Council Logo Brand
Howard Connelly Design: Logo Brand Development
Homeline Logo Brand Mark
Maya Zaido, Animal Intuitor: Logo Brand Development
China Star Logo Brand Identity
Paddle Board Martial Arts Brand Identity
String Tinkers Logo Brand Campaign
Artique Paint Bar Website
MFHA Website Design and Development
Shirley Bernstein Brand Identity
PS Consulting Web Development
Boardpusher Skateboard Design
Decals & T-shirt Designs for Sanitation Clothing Co.
Vida Apparel Designs
Foxwoods Casino Entertainment Flyers
Foxwoods Casino Flash Banner Ad
Pomfret School Culture Fest Poster
Poster for Andrews Air Force Base Credit Union
Blind Willie Johnson Kickstarter Campaign
Free The Slaves : Plymouth Church Concert
Startec Global Telecommunications: World Value Ads
Startec Global Telecommunications: eStart Internet Ad
Startec Global Telecommunications: 10-10-719 Phone Ad
Colocation Ad : Startec Global Telecommunications
Startec World Value Ad: Chinese Market
Startec Global Communications: Vacation Direct Mail
Inphonic: Lexus Pop-Up Moblie Phone Ad
USPTO "Challenge" Cover Comps
Ad for Cape Cod Rental
Inphonic: Mobile Phone Pop-up ads
Riley Morin Graduation Party Invite
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