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Marketing Statistics


These are some facts on how we’ve helped entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and corporate marketing departments.

Since we began branding and web development in 2008, all of our clients’ business startups have passed the 5 year mark. Several of our clients have reached the 10 year mark.

We created a social media ad campaign and Kickstarter page for a music producer who raised $125,000 in a month for his crowd-funded album through our campaign on Kickstarter and Social Media.

One of the website’s we created for a Paint Bar processes $80,000 a year or more of transactions through the site without much effort on her part.

One of our client’s take-out restaurants allows for order processing through their site. In May of 2017, they had 5000 visitors off Google Search, 2836 from Google Maps, 255 people called them for take-out from Google Search, and 35 asked for directions.

We have worked with Foxwood’s Casino creating multimedia ads, eMailers, and Flyers for their concert events.

We helped to import Olive Oil from Sparta, Greece by creating the bottle packaging design, logo brand mark, name of company and ecommerce website which has been consistently selling online.

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