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We are near to the completion of a 3 year project with African American artist, LULA BLOCTON. She was part of a women’s artist movement in New York in the 60’s. This collection of a culmination of her life’s work has produced a 240 page book documenting her art up to now. The forward text essay was written by New York art curator and writer, Barbara Stehle. Each image was meticulously color corrected and adjusted before placing into the book. The book was finally edited by Jonathan Miller who is a freelance writer and an editor for Random House. The book will be published by Lula’s painting mentor, Samia Halaby and her sister Nahida, who run Palestine Books publishing company. The book will be printed by Ingram Spark.

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Keeping Your Business Healthy Through COVID-19

Keeping Your Business Healthy Through COVID-19

When it comes to getting through the pandemic, not all businesses started out on even footing. An office-based company can make the (admittedly, often challenging) transition into remote work while losing relatively few productive days. Compare this to gyms, restaurants, and other in-person, serviced-based industries that have faced major upheavals, not to mention constant fluctuations in whether or not they can even be open.

If you own a business in one of these more tumultuous fields, here are some tips for how to keep your business moving forward despite the pandemic.

Assess Your Current Situation

Are there any changes that will keep your business safer?

  • Take a close look at your budget to make sure you understand your financial state.
  • Consider hiring a financial planner who can help you evaluate your situation.
  • If necessary, look into applying for a loan or grant to keep your business going.
  • Many business owners feel a ton of relief when they form an LLC, thanks to the protections and tax advantages the designation provides.

Brighten Up Your Space

If you’re already closed, you may as well take advantage of the moment:

Focus on Re-Opening Marketing

We’re almost through this – get ready to bring people back.

Although we’re not out of the woods just yet, soon this pandemic will be behind us. The choices you make for your business right now will define your path in the post-COVID world. We hope this article helps you come out as strong as possible.

Need to create a more engaging and appealing website for your customers? Partner with Studio Foronda today! Call 301.538.2344.

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Book Design: Zara’s Wash Day


zara's wash day bookmark mockup imageZara's Wash Day Cover ImageZara's Wash Day Interior Page Mockup Image



We worked on the cover and interior design for “Know Your Hairitage: Zara’s Wash Day” in collaboration with LA author Zenda Walker. The illustrations were created by Princess Karibo, a Nigerian Illustrator. This project started in November of 2020. Zenda began her process last April. Zara’s Wash Day sold almost 3 thousand copies in the first few weeks on Amazon and received the #1 newest release in the first week. Collaborating with Zenda Walker was a delight for us as she believed in our vision for the book. We are currently designing and developing her website. It will have an online store where she plans to sell more book as part of the Know Your Hairitage Series, apparel, puzzles, accessories, tote bags, bookmarks, and more. She is also planning on offering workshops that can be scheduled and purchased through the site. We heard recent news that she will be moving to NYC in May and will be expanding to the East Coast. We wish her all the best!

Our Response to COVID-19

Our Commitment during this outbreak.


To Our Valued Clients,

I hope you are well and healthy during this time of stillness and reflection due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic has effected many families and businesses in the past weeks and will continue to disrupt the normal operations of many. Studio Foronda is still operational as our team works remotely together. I am spending my time hunkering down in the studio. We are monitoring our client’s websites weekly for any interruptions. We are in contact with hosting services and monitor their status with regards to any services that may be effected.

As of this moment all our print vendors are still operational and we are still able to offer print advertising services for our clients. Currently we are working on projects and will continue to work with clients even remotely if necessary.

If your website needs any updates due to the current situation, please contact us and we will make those changes. You may email me at or call 301.538.2344.

Again, please know that we are extremely committed and prepared during this crisis. Our doors are still open (remotely).

Take care of yourself as we get through this together.

Best Regards,

Anthony Foronda

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A Website for Lula Mae Blocton

We are currently working on a website redesign for African American Artist, Lula Mae Blocton. Lula was in the NYC art scene in the 1960’s creating drawings and paintings that touch on her cultural, political and social roots. We’ve been spending over a year collaborating on her art book that documents almost 50 years of her work. It’s an honor to be working with her.

Designing Website for Anya Restaurant

We’ve been working on the website redesign for Anya, a fine dining restaurant located in Thompson, CT. Taking from their existing brand, we are recreating an elegant themed site to reflect the high class taste of their image and interior space. They feature Italian inspired cuisine in a beautifully set atmosphere in the country. We are honored to be asked to take on this project which will be finished by May, right in time for Spring.

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