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Studio Foronda started out as the freelance illustration studio of Anthony Foronda in 2006. It has transformed into a visual communications studio with the addition of a collaborate team of professionals. Since then we have been awarded for graphic design and multimedia design internationally and have helped many entrepreneurs and startups reach their dreams. Studio Foronda works with small businesses in the Northeast Connecticut & New England region offering fundamental business strategy, brand development, and visual communications assets as well as marketing and personal business development.

Let’s Create Change Together.

Starting a new business can be exciting but also daunting. There are many risks and the goal of being profitable early on can be stressful without a plan. A solid foundation built on a thoughtful narrative and positioning in one’s niche market is one of the keys to success. We help create that narrative and position your business competitively.

It all starts with your “personality” and “vision” of your business. This is the foundation of brand development and awareness. Each client is unique and individual and that is what sets them apart from the rest. Knowing who that message will attract will help position your business in your corner of the market. We project that “personal narrative” throughout your entire visual communications message. Our success hinges on our client’s success. We work hard to make our client’s business successful. We help our clients change the world and their community. 

Our goal is to take the stress out of building your business by creating a solid marketing foundation for your products and position your services securely in your niche market in the most creative and innovative ways. We do this by collaborating with you with empathy, care, and respect.


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