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& Create your strategy

First, we DEFINE your identity through competitive research and business strategy. We get to the heart of your product or service and dig into your personal vision and narrative. We DEFINE the essential elements that make you stand out from your competitors and position your product or service to your target market. We do this by empathizing with our clients and customers to get core data to strategize media goals.


Your Creative Assets

Next, we identify what media assets you need and how to implement them. This is the brainstorming phase where we plan the creative solutions for your brand. We create the “color” to your narrative and “sketch” out creative ideas that become the foundation for your image and vision.


Your Brand

This is where we actually design your media assets from your logo, website, ads, print collateral, social media campaign, etc. This is the point at which the creation of your vision begins.


Your Media Assets

In this phase, the designs are finalized and actualized. We roll out your media campaign. Test the websites, prepare print collateral for press and insure the success of your brand and media campaigns. We gather feedback and analytics to get data about the campaigns or media assets.