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Netty Awards Winner

Netty Award Winner Letter Image

March 8, 2024

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Netty Awards Winner for Social Impact Category

Today, we received news that we had won a prestigious Netty Award for the Know Your Hairitage Book Campaign and Website in collaboration with author Zenda Walker.

The Campaign started as a self-published book that we designed together with Zenda and a website branded as Know Your Hairitage focusing on social awareness of traditional beauty standards on People of Color and Indigenous Native People

As a self-published book it had garnered three book awards like the Writer’s Digest Award for self published children’s book. With the promotion and website presence it found support by the Horvath Group and their Red Robin Children’s Book Publishing Company. Zara’s Wash Day, the original book in the series, will be republished and coming out to bookstores internationally in June. A subsequent book, Zion’s Crown, will be distributed and publshed in September 2024

We are thrilled to announce that we won the prestigious Netty Award for our innovative work on Know Your Hairitage Campaign in the Cultural Impact Design category! This is a proud moment that underscores our commitment to excellence for our clients, especially author Zenda Walker.