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Provelocal Website Design

Web Design & Development


Brian Mackenzie has been in the online travel market for a long time. He had a multimillion dollar travel site developed when he lived in Hawaii before Expedia. His recent patented concept focuses on local vacations at hotels within a customer’s immediate area. The proposed website would verify one’s residence and give deep discount rates to hotels, events and attractions within one’s local city. The site we developed as a proof of concept site geared toward investors and hotels to eventually fund a working prototype. He has received great responses toward his concept so far.



Web Design


In 2020, we redesigned Provelocal’s entire site as a refresh to gain attention from investors.

provelocal 2.0 homepage image
Provelocal 2.0 Web Page imaege

This site design was created to attract investors to the Provelocal concept in the hopes to develop a working model of the Provelocal patented idea.