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Sic Figs Brand Logo Mark

Brand Design

Sic Figs Brand Logo Mark

Don Smyth is a savvy investor who wanted to create a platform offering investment advise to those seeking to gain wealth. We created the logo mark for Sic Figs Investment Strategies. We used the bull for “bull market” to be the main symbol. The “6” represents a six figure income urging their audience to listen to their advice to gain wealth. His message was to convey wealth as a means of luxury, influence, and power. We developed his platform on Facebook and created the business page for him.



Facebook Profile Page Design
Logo Mark

This was the final logo identity mark that was designed by us.

We designed Sic Figs Facebook business page focusing on gaining power, luxury and influence through savvy investment advise. Sic Figs uses the page to post stock investment advise to their followers on facebook.

Although this iteration of the logo comp was not chosen, we thought it showed strength and power.