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Startec 10-10-719 Brand Ads


Startec 10-10-719 Ads

One of Startec’s Long Distance products is a call number called 10-10-719. If you dial that number before your long distance call it will give you Startec’s discounted Long Distance rates. We created their logo brand mark. They needed ads focused on the Polish and Russian ethnic markets in the U.S. This ad is in language and says” Call home with 10-10-719″ It is branded to conform to their 10-10-719 brand.



Print Advertising

These in language advertisements for Startec’s calling card number produced great results.

Startec’s 10-10-719 Ads focused on ethnic markets within the US. They offered long-distance calling through a dedicated phone number and calling cards. We used photography of people within Startec’s company from diverse cultural backgrounds.